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About Rhonda

Rhonda is a successful Certified Transformational Coach, happily married for 30 years, and the Mother of four children.

She began her journey over 25 years ago teaching skin care as an Independent  Consultant. As her career progressed, she included teaching business and marketing concepts to women. As a result of her desire to see women succeed at being their best, she became a Certified Transformational Coach as well as a Certified Trainer and Speaker in 2013.

Rhonda helps Mompreneurs balance the juggling act and create new systems for more effective time, energy and money through her Life Design coaching programs. Rhonda has taken her mission one step further and created a podcast show especially for Mompreneurs.  Her goal is to inspire Moms all over the world with her fun and authentic style of interviews.


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“Tid-bit” Cluttered Mind vs Confused Mind

A cluttered mind is different than a confused mind. A confused mind does nothing while a cluttered mind searches for simplicity and organization. That's what life needs most. simplicity. Book your strategy appointment with Rhonda at