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Audrey Johnson is passionate about helping others find joy in the midst of whatever is happening in their lives. As a raging extrovert she enjoys spending time visiting friends as much as possible, preferably with a cup of coffee in hand. Her Norwex business satisfies the desire to be around people and also gives her a sense of purpose outside of mommyhood. She educates women about harmful chemicals and how to radically reduce exposure to them by providing a way to clean homes with water and microfiber. Most of the time we use products thinking we are protecting our families but often we are actually negatively effecting health. It’s a privilege to help bring awareness and provide an easy, cost-effective solution. 

Audrey lives in Spokane Washington with her husband, Sam – an Ironman athlete – and their 2 year old daughter. Audrey says:”I’m grateful for the ways becoming a wife and mom has transformed my life, in the most challenging and beautiful ways. It has helped draw me closer to God and have a deeper understanding of a His love. “


Audrey Johnson, Sales Leader
Independent Sales Consultant
(509) 842-4455