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– Cin had many opportunities in her younger years to work in the holistic health field for several exceptional Chiropractors. It was during this time that she had a variety of exposure to so many wonderful techniques and experiences that gained her an education in the healing arts. She believes it was this exposure to learning and using: acupuncture, kinesiology, muscle testing, EFT tapping, ayurvedic medicine and eastern spiritual philosophies and healing systems that eventually led to her becoming certified in Jikiden Reiki and then expanding her own process for growth through the act of creating, which has always held the most value for her rather than just the finished product.

Adding these powerful experiences to a BFA in painting and ceramics created an opportunity to open up a whole new world for her which married the healing arts and fine arts. Avery powerful session with a business hypnotist was the catalyst for her experiential teaching. She quickly realized her next steps would be to become certified as a business hypnotist and SCT business coach. All of the skills and techniques acquired over the years from her experiences and education play heavily into the ability to apply two very powerful worlds as a way for someone to experience the most amazing version of themselves, and to create the peace and balance so desired by us all. It is a powerful tool for dramatically improving the quality of your life. The result is a real and tangible experience of confidence and self empowerment.