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Ever since I can remember, I have loved creating art. As a child, I was different than my other family members because I was very shy and sensitive; they were sociable and outgoing. I did not fit in.
As I grew, I discovered art was my friend and healer. I learned that it is okay to be me. Teaching and producing art is my gift to offer as a service to others. Since creating art gives me strength and well-being, I have made it my life’s mission to help others find those as well.
Recent research has shown that the arts: fine art, music and dance, have a tremendous effect on our neurophysiology. Harvard University and University of Florida are now offering Art in Medicine (AIM) graduate courses. Stimulation of the brain through creative activity has made tremendous strides in healing patients who have been resistant to other treatments. Hope, stress relief and peace of mind derived from creating and appreciating art all combine to rejuvenate the soul.
In 2010, I created and published my first coloring book for adults, Creative Meditations, Coloring Book & Journal. I discovered “Moving Meditation,” and it forever changed the direction of my work. Coloring, walking and knitting bring one to meditation through moving. With this book, I also included affirmations that I composed and lines for journaling to make it a great tool for meditation. I ensured that it would be “purse size,” so it could be enjoyed at any time.
In 2013, my niece was bullied, developed PTSD and had to defer college for a year. My thought was, “Why does my sweet and kind niece have to suffer?” I created, The Bully Book, Coloring Book & Journal. I felt it is the bullying child who suffers the most. We live in love or fear. A person with bully behavior statistically has tremendous fear and uncertainty in their life. It crosses every economic divide. I talk to children at the Broward Sheriff Office who are in a special program for first time offenders.
I created The Mighty Mind Coloring Book as a basic coloring book to strengthen our mind. Also, it is a powerful healing and de-stressor for caregivers of all kinds.
My next project, Postcards to Color offers one the opportunity to color on your travels, send a card and have the receiver color or color, send and frame.
I am currently working on another tool for healing purposes. Stay tuned.
Coloring heals. Try it!