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Shalini Joshi Yamdagni is an International Physical & Emotional Pain Relief Expert. She is the founder of and a # 1 bestselling author. Shalini’s goal is to create awareness and to empower people so they can consciously take charge of their own health and wellbeing and live the life they want. Shalini was diagnosed with an illness and was in chronic pain for months. Nothing she tried seemed to work. After doctors prescribed bed rest for the remainder of her life, she went on a profound journey – and healed herself completely. Now as the founder of Magical Pain Free Living, Shalini has coached thousands of clients online across the globe. She helps her clients gain awareness of the root causes and helps them break free from their pain and ease into peace and clarity. This new found ease and peace then enables the clients to return to a ‘state of flow’ and attract more joy, fun and magic into their life. Shalini’s work has been featured on national news, international magazines, online news channels and television too. As a thought leader on topics of health and wellness and self development, she has been been featured in international platforms, online shows, and books alongside Marci Shimoff, Janet Attwood, Lisa Nichols, Marc Allen, Alex Mandossian and many more. Shalini’s clients have called her “gifted healer”, their “angel”, an “intuitive guide”, or “simply magical” because of the powerful transformational results clients have achieved not only in the area of health but in all other areas as well. Currently, Shalini has launched her own LIVE online show on BLAB called Magical Pain Free Living with Shalini where she shares easy to apply tips, tools and strategies that people can use to feel ease and relief instantly and naturally. Shalini is based in Thailand where she is happily married and is a doting mother to her 2 children Rishi and Ria. website * email:

* twitter: ShaliniEFTCOACH

* YouTube Channel: EFT with Shalini

* Linked In: Shalini Joshi Yamdagni

* BLAB: Magical Pain Free Living with Shalini