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Meet Rhonda Cimorelli

Welcome to A Balanced Life for You. Perhaps you stumbled upon this page or maybe you were guided. Either way, I’m glad you are here. My name is Rhonda Cimorelli and I am the founder of this amazing company. I am a wife, mother, grandmother and business woman.

I began my professional journey over 25 years ago teaching skin care as an Independent Consultant. As my career progressed and I reached the top 2% of the company, my duties as a leader would include teaching business and marketing strategies, communication skills and sales techniques. I have always had a passion to help women not only look and feel their best, but to be their best.

As my passion grew, I knew I wanted to hone my teaching and listening skills to better serve the women I worked with. I wanted to help them overcome the obstacles that held them back from reaching their goals and dreams. In 2013, I became an accredited certified coach. In addition, I am a certified trainer as well as a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programing.

Being able to uncover the key elements that keep you stuck in life are crucial for designing the life you love. Personal empowerment starts with keen knowingness of ones self. Through my coaching and training experiences, I developed my D.R.E.A.M. system. By implementing the ideas, tools and stradigies in this system, you’ll feel confident to drop the facade and be who you are meant to authentically be.

I have taken my mission one step further and created a podcast show especially for Mompreneurs. My goal is to inspire and empower women all over the world with my fun and enlightening “tidbits”  and authentic interviews.

My Mission

I aspire to empower women across the globe by enabling you to refine the balance in your life, to reclaim your personal identity so you can love your life; not just live your life.


  • Believe and Achieve
  • Do More Than What is Expected
  • Develop Relationships
  • Respect Everyone
  • Put Blinders On Your Goals
  • Dream Big Dreams
  • Be Authentic and Let Go of the Negativity
  • Be Bold
  • Commit to Excellence
  • Take Action
  • Have Faith and Focus
  • Try someting New
  • Find Balance and Joy
  • Be More of who you Are – authentic, vulnerable, accepting, present
  • Risks are far better than Regrets

Words of Wisdom

It has been said that life is the most pateint teacher. You will be presented with the same experience over and over until you learn the best way to deal with the situation. This is not because life is cruel. Rather, it is because things have a way of coming back to haunt us when we don’t deal with them. One form of intelligence is the ability to learn from mistakes. When you are presented with a painful experience, take the time to think about how you can avoid it in the future. This is an example of a lesson learned.

~  M. Jolynn Rawson-Hunt