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Afiya Al-Fayiz, affectionately known to her business associates as Fifi, is an Internet Marketing Consultant, Business Mindset Coach, Energy Healer and Business owner At Wizard Web Marketing.
Fifi has worked for industry giants including Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Chase, UPS and Dish Network.

After choosing an adventure in Australia, marriage and a baby over creating a career path, she chose to leave the corporate world in pursuit of freedom and free enterprise in 2009 and began studying mindset and business while being a homemaker.

A few short years later, she found herself adjusting to the new experience of being a single mother and sole breadwinner, as the end of her marriage caused her to go back to work to supplement her income, she realized that corporate culture was no longer congruent with her lifestyle and how she wanted to raise her child. And so she restarted her entrepreneurial journey in pursuit of the joys of business, marketing and relationship building.