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Anna is a native of Asheville, NC. If anyone knows anything about the heart of Asheville, it is that to survive there you pretty much HAVE to be an entrepreneur. Anna’s core

At an early age, Anna discovered Microsoft Paint, fell in love, and knew she would become a “computer artist”. She was the President of her first company in her home office by the 4th grade, it was the Marilyn Monroe Fan Club, where she and a few of her best friend were the members.

A little further down the road, Anna also realized that the antetdote to a bad day was shining a light on and lifting someone else’s. So her life motto became, If I can make even one person’s day a little brighter, lift even a small load from their back, then I’ve done my job…

While these are all seemingly unrelated, the worlds end up having more in common than she could have ever imagined.

She’s a single mom with 2 boys, 11 & 5. In 2014, in a moment of absolute divine flow, she accepted a position for a company in Morrisville. She picked up her life, her kids and moved to the Triangle area. In the two years following, she continued surrendering to a life navigated by God. She pursued her dream of becoming a coach, and at the beginning of 2016, when she walked into her first day of coach training, Anna knew she found her life’s purpose. Anna is a web designer/graphic designer by trade and started Durham Creative Co. in April 2016 where she has continued to grow her clientele. She has the good fortune of maximizing her coach training through the creative coaching she offers her clients.

Anna Young
“Great design is like great coffee: strong, bold, a little nutty & HOT AS HELL.”