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Elly Molina, an educator and psychic for over 38 years, teaches children and adults how to develop intuition through mindfulness and intuitive heart exercises, which develop and enhance compassion and emotional maturity. She gently instructs children to love, honor, value, and respect themselves and others. She teaches parents and children the importance of speaking responsibly and choosing words consciously, always guided by the power of intuition. She has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and in The New York Times. In 2015, she was a featured speaker at the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) in New Orleans.
In her book, a resource for parents and educators,  Children Who Know How To Know,  children are taught a new paradigm for speaking and seeing the world, so they won’t be one of those children who grow up and need to recover from their childhood. This book helps shape the future of our children and create conscious awareness of the daily use of language, its impact on our thoughts, emotions, perceptions, and life. At a time where bullying and violence are increasing in our school systems, this book guides us away from a future of violence, towards one of compassion, conscious choice of thoughts and actions, and a new way of treating ourselves and others. 
Elly is the mother of 3 fine men. In 2008, she relocated to Washington State from New York, with her youngest son and aging mother. She taught at a private school and was the co-founder and co-creator of an Options Program for Elementary Education. 
In 2012, Elly created her company, Beyond the Crescent Moon. She currently provides intuitive consulting, while continuing to build the educational component of her business and her passion for working with children and their families. 
Elly holds a Masters Degree in Linguistics from NYU. She has lived and taught overseas. She is the author of the illustrated children’s book, Annabelle and the Domino, and excited about the release of her new resource guide for parents. 

Elly Molina
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